I had chances...

...opportunities to turn my dreams into reality with art.  Music specifically.  Lack of self awareness, poor mental health practices and more led me in the opposite direction of my goals.  

I’ve found myself and my path forward over the past few years, largely through the act of creation.  Now I’m connecting with  similar souls and building an agenda.  Together we’d like to share, encourage, inspire & build healing havens for kindred spirits.  

Our current vehicles for that mission are DragonsPitchfork.comHouseofFluidReflections.com & GRYSKLL.com.  The shared goal is to help artists develop and/or maintain an individualized sense of mental wellness through increased self awareness, confidence & balance.  We hope to help others avoid missing chances.  

Please enjoy the fruits of my labor here on dragonspitchfork.com and stay tuned.  I'm working diligently on building community.  

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Be YOU.  Be well.


~DND Shaah (Dragon's Pitchfork)

"Working to improve mental health awareness, communication, education & resources through the use of Healing Arts.  Especially in Hip Hop and marginalized communities."

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