Learning to paint has played a major role in my personal growth & healing process.  I'd like to help encourage others to try in case it can helps them do the same.   

I started painting for the first time (EVER ever) in March 2020. The Dragon's Pitchfork name and logo are both the results of a canvas painting I created using a hair comb and acrylic paint!

I've painted horrific messes, mediocre experiments and (MUCH to my surprise) works that evoked emotional responses in others.  I loved painting and learned so much that I spent the rest of spring, all summer & the beginning of fall painting over 100 canvases, masks & a dartboard complete with wooden case.  I even turned half of my house including the dining room & garage into art studio ready spaces for the entire household and our guests to paint in.    

I began using my paintings or photography/videography sets & to help create other art such as video backgrounds/textures & cover art for my music. 

I stopped selling paintings for now but if you join my mailing list, I'll be sure to mention something in the newsletter when pieces are available for sale again.  :-) 

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