Tai Chi Arithmetic (RIP Mix)

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The Tai Chi Arithmetic (RIP Mix) is my genesis (first) #film3 x music NFT digital collectible that includes a visual and audio remix that are both sentimental to me. This Piece is a remix of the first video single I released as Dragon's Pitchfork two years ago (9/5/20).  You can still find the original "Tai Chi Arithmetic (Mayo Mix)" video on Youtube.

Tai Chi Arithmetic (RIP Mix) was selected to honor the two year anniversary of me releasing music as Dragon's Pitchfork after retiring my old moniker, Yukon Black. Fun fact: it's something 1 to Dial (a GRYSKLL member) hints at on the first single I produced and released with creators I met on the internet, "Butterscotch Linens". He features on the single, which launched GRYSKLL's music catalog. The Piece was also selected because the title and one of the sounds in the instrumental was inspired by lessons from one of my most impactful mentors, Father Lord (RIP) aka "Wu Chi".

The remix was also important to me because I felt like Tai Chi Arithmetic was, at least symbolically and sonically, the most accurate representation of me as a person in musical form.  There was a problem though.  I was annoyed every time I heard the original arrangement and mix after I released the song.  I made the remix because I wanted a version I loved to appear on the first album I created to represent the introduction of Dragon's Pitchfork as my official moniker as I euthanized my former self and moniker, "Yukon Black".  

Tai Chi Arithmetic (RIP Mix) song also represents the 3 year mark since I started investing all of my time and savings in my mental wellness initiative, then called "Channel Zen Health Arts".  Through Channel Zen, I met Yani, my fiance & partner in building what started as her baby, House of Fluid Reflections.  Yani is also the subject of this visual. It was filmed the first time she & I ever went on an outing together with our cameras to shoot together. 

The location for this music visual Piece is a park in our home city, Silver Spring.  Silver Spring is one of the places some of the DC snipers victims' lives were claimed 20 years ago this month. I remember driving past the yellow police tape around the parking lot of the Shopper's Food Warehouse where the sniper team first struck on 10/02/2002.  I vividly recall the anxiety and feelings of vulnerability that would arise every time I stopped to pump gas because the sniper team had taken lives across the DMV while at least one victim was pumping gas.  I remember the eerie feeling that came with the news that they'd fatally shot someone at the basketball court where I'd sometimes hang out as a high schooler. 

The place we filmed this has a memorial for the victims of the DC sniper so we also dedicate this single to their memories.  I wasn't sure why when I filmed this but today I feel like I've been assigned the honor of reminding the world about them by displaying their names in this video.  I'm also releasing the first Pitchfork Piece digital collectible on 10-22-2022, 20 years and 20 days after the night I drove past that Shopper's Food Warehouse. 

I hope each of Pitchfork Piece will have a meaningful message for all of us like the reminder I take from this Piece: Anger isn't an answer.

Through the inner work Yani and I have been doing over the past couple years, we have begun repeating a phrase her father, John Slaughter (RIP), taught her.  "Do no harm".  We now strive to actively advocate doing no harm through our actions and the community's we serve as a way of honoring ALL victims of violence and harm.

Support us in our missions to re-humanize creators and bridge gaps by purchasing this Piece.  Also be sure to check out Yani's genesis collection and our crowdfund to support us.  Be sure to share so we can resume and expand our efforts.

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