Shana Munson (Ametaphor)

“Shaah volunteered his time to be a helpful resource for me as I was promoting and growing the vision for my Music NFT endeavors and it was a huge support I am grateful for. Not only did he have valuable and clear feedback for me to consider to improve my flow for both myself and the community I seek to serve with ideas for incremental steps to take forward, but he also demonstrated mature composure and intuitive ability to read the collective energy and himself be a voice of leadership in his own strengths, ready to call out a possible solution for any problem presented. He is a fast learner and amazing listener, one of the safest and considerate men I feel I’ve interacted with as a woman in the web3 space, and it is easy to see that he is dedicated to clear and meaningful communication and connection, open to feedback himself which makes him an ease & joy to work with. If you come across this awesome being you have found a real genuine person in this space worth connecting with!”

Shana is a multitalented creator I met via Instagram. I learned a lot from her posts on Web 3 related topics and her answers to many of my questions on the topic.  This prompted me to donate to her cause and to purchase one of her music NFTs. 

Our subsequent engagements led to me taking an active role in her Discord community.  After enjoying working with her on building her community remotely, I decided to take a trip to South Carolina to meet her in person.  I did this as part of  a new initiative Yani and I were testing for House of Fluid Reflections called "The Artists Touch Experience".  

As part of The Artists Touch Experience, we met with Shana and one other creator we were working with in South Carolina by the name of Zo.  For Shana's part of this The Artists Touch Experience we provided a place to stay in our AirBNB where I collaborated with her on activities related to her community, filmed content for HFR and we developed a friendship.  Shortly after that,  Yani & I  provided her a place to stay at our home in Maryland from the end of June to late August while she prepared for the next steps in her creator's journey.