Enoch Kaz (Infinity Opportunities)

"Anyone out there who needs some work done with graphic art, photo work, beats, you name it.  They've got the skills. So give House of Fluid Reflections a holler 'cause they're worth your dollar."

 Enoch Kaz is a remarkable artist, activist, visionary, strategist and more who I met on Twitter through Web 3 networking.  As a person who was diagnosed with autism as an adult, he is working diligently to design and build solutions for neurodivergent adults through his company, Infinity Opportunities.  When Enoch heard I was hosting a series of NFT Voices Mental Maintenance Twitter Spaces focused on exploring the topic of neurodiversity he joined a space and asked me join him in cohosting and bringing his #FullSpectrumSaturdays Twitter Spaces to NFT Voices as #FullSpectrumFridays.  We're now building his Full Spectrum Family community as a subsidiary of Infinity Opportunities.  As I've gotten to learn more about Enoch's visions and mission, I've become increasingly invested in assisting him in pursuing his goals.

Along with co-hosting and coordinating the NFT Voices portion of #FullSpectrumFridays, I helped form a team to work with him in realizing his goals.  I also drafter the initial logo for Infinity Opportunities, created and organized a Trello workspace for him to use to organize his collaborative efforts and provided technical support including helping him move from using PowerPoint to Canva for creating some of his teaching materials.

I look forward to continuing to work with Enoch on his mission to serve the neurodivergent community creating a company that will "employ primarily neurodivergent individuals who often face difficulty in finding and maintaining meaningful jobs".  Especially as I learn from work on learning more about whether or not I am neurodivergent and how I can do and feel better as a result of what I'm learning.