Sourav Deb (King Mizo)

"...the suggestions I get from HFR, the support I get from HFR, the organization I get from HFR, the community building I get from HFR...it can't be measured in dollars.  And if it could, I wouldn't have enough to pay them."

I met King Mizo on instagram and invited him to be a guest on GRYSKLL's not-a-podcast 😏.  I was gratefully supported by many members of GRYSKLL in bringing our loving supportive energy to his $RAP HEADZ community.  I began by cohosting Twitter Spaces with him for his community, bringing GRYSKLL along with me.  I helped plan and coordinate the first NFT mixtape for his community and brought GRYSKLL along for the ride.  At his request, I assumed the role of Community Lead where I helped organize, plan and consulted with him on a number of activities including his $RAP HEADZ PFPs, which a few GRYSKLL members supported me in advertising on Twitter by changing our avatars and display names.

I also created and organized Trello workspaces for $RAP HEADS and his Color the Blockchain initiative, which both included multiple boards to provide a foundation for more structured, organized operations.  I also helped him relaunch Color the Blockchain, a social impact initiative focused on providing equal access to Web 3.  I represented and advocated for Color the Blockchain in public online spaces alone and alongside Mizo and his wife, Sky.  I also brought the first irl charity to Color the Blockchain, Blankets to the Streets, who we highlighted on a live streaming series that I co-produced and co-hosted.  I also helped plan social media content to promote the series.