Quentin Fountain (Q.)

"there's something about the way you approach things that makes me feel like I can trust you with these sensitive things"

Q & I have known each other since the 90s through mutual friends.  We began building a personal relationship in early 2021 as he was going though a period of mental distress much like my own.  I noticed he was going through something because of a post I saw on Twitter and I reached out.  

We eventually began talking on weekly Zoom calls where I shared my story and he shared his.  He was aware of the work I was doing with GRYSKLL, my music / podcast team.  Through our conversations I felt he would be a perfect asset to the team as a web developer although he was vehemently against the idea of making music anymore at that time.   After he joined, I proposed GRYSpace, a safe space where members of the team and our friends could come together on unrecorded Zoom calls to “get things off of our chests”.  

Q. is now a leader in the GRYSKLL community, especially when it comes to the GRYSpace initiative.