Yani (Yolanda Marie)

“He was a phenomenal support in Creative Wellness Coaching because he kept me and my wellbeing at the forefront of all the things and the ideas that he offered.  The suggestions that he made.  The core of all of those things was always ‘if it is what make sense for you’ (for me) ‘if it resonates’ and ‘if it is feasible for you to be able to do without jeopardizing yourself in any way’.   

That made a huge change for me.  It’s changed how I show up on social media, it’s changed how I show up in real life and it’s definitely helped bolster my confidence and my self trust in how I step out and approach my art as well as the business side of my art and creativity."

Full disclosure: Yani is my fiance.  Possibly my wife by the time you're reading this.   She's also an exceptional photographer, writer and all around artist.  We met because I was searching for someone to help me practice and improve my photography skills so I could better document the work I was doing with the artists I was welcoming into my home at the time.

We were both heavily damaged mentally by our life experiences up to that point and honestly formed a trauma bond based on our love for art and lack of love for ourselves.  We would talk for hours and were so enamored with one another's ways of thinking and creativity that we entered a relationship.   Just before pandemic lockdowns began she needed a place to stay.  I offered and we've been slowly (sometimes clumsily) healing and evolving together and as individuals ever since.

Aside from our personal relationship, our goals to build creative communities were very much in alignment so I joined her in building House of Fluid Reflections.  As part of that journey, she's exposed me to various art forms and has helped expand my creative landscape to the point that I went from being a beat maker with a camera battling to a multi-disciplinary artist who has now founded a community of my own (GRYSKLL).  I'm also a key contrinutor in a number of other communities thanks in large par tthe the various ways that I've grown and evolved since we've met. 

So as much as this is a testimonial from her about what I have offered and provided her, she has given me as much if not more.  



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