Kareem Muse (Zo the Instrument Being)

"I appreciate all yal brothers.  The inspiration and the community.  Especially Pitchfork.  Pitchfork has really helped me.  I'm doing things in real life right now.  Based off of what yal have given me.  I'm out here building community."

Kareem is a phenomenal emcee I met on Instagram through mutual respect for each others music.  When Instagram introduced Reels, much like the other founding members of GRYSKLL, he began to pair his verses with some of the instrumental reels I posted through Instagram's Remix feature.  These reels eventually evolved into the formation of GRYSKLL as a group. 

He was the first emcee to rhyme on a GRYSKLL track with his appearance on our first single, "Butterscotch Linens".  Since we began working together, he has easily become my best friend, favorite emcee alive and partner in our group "Zo & Pitchfork".   

I have provided various forms of support to Kareem since the summer of 2021.  As a result of my efforts along with those of my fiance Yani (HFR), the rest of GRYSKLL & the $RAP HEADZ community,  Zo has been inspired to practice new forms of self care and cultivate community with the creators in his local area.