Purchases & donations earn you free digital collectibles (NFTs)!  

My brother Kareem used to say "supPORT" all the time when he agreed with something.  That's wild to me because support has been my mission as a musician and LITERALLY my job for decades as a former IT professional. 

I support creators in a number of ways because that's what fills my cup.  I do this my detriment at times because I often struggle to ask for help when I need it.  

See, I've been funding growth and evolution for House of Fluid Reflections (HFR) & GRYSKLL for the past few years by myself.  I produce music, video, artwork & more to help artists in need of assistance who do not have a budget to pay for the types of services we provide.   I've also provided financial assistance along with living accommodations and meals for creators in need.

Your support will help me do more as I work to re-humanize people and bridge the gap between distress and support.  Especially for marginalized communities! 

Thank you in advance.  It means the world to me and the souls I serve.


I firmly believe all people are creators.  I provide a variety of services to creators such as Creative Wellness Coaching, music, video & podcast production, logo design and cover art.

I also provide services with my partner, Yani via HFR Studios.

If you're not in the market for my products and services at this time, support my mission in one of the ways listed below. 


Show the world your support for my brands and communities by purchasing some of our products.

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fundraising projects 

Support us by buying one of our fundraising NFTs: 

  1. "Pitchfork Pieces" by Dragon's Pitchfork. 
  2. "No Man's Land" by my business and life partner, Yani. Learn more about the project on her site, which includes more shots that weren't included in the collection.  You can also learn about this fine art photography collection in our pilot episode of NFT Backstories.

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Purchases & donations earn you free digital collectibles (NFTs)!