Whether writing songs, poetry, journaling, blogging or whatever, writing has been a form of therapy for me. 

I've even started working on a book about my journey named, "This Ain't Hip Hop".  I'd love to find a coauthor to help speed this along so refer me if you know of someone who may be interested.


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Letter to the GRYSKLL Community 

Peace & GM- 

Another excellent space last night although my mic wasn't working on the stream (it worked on Zoom). 

First, thanks for introducing us to King Jus, King Mizo.  Another brother who loves and gives back to the culture though his art and interactions. 

Thanks to the entire crew for popping up in Little Vibe's Twitter Space Tuesday night. 

Everyone who can, I need help as I’m focusing on income and networking so I’m strapped for time and energy. 

We’re at a stage where momentum matters. 

We just…

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My 25th ("quadranscentennial") anniversary 

2022 is my 25th anniversary.  I googled it and it’s called a “quadranscentennial anniversary”.  I’m dropping a double feature to celebrate & I’m thinking about minting both songs! 

The first single is @gryskll’s "The DAO Tone" ft. @DragonsPitch4rk & @theblkmvrks.  The song features my 1st properly mixed verse to be released in 25 years.  The last time, the verse made it to a wax 12” & cassettes. 

That mystery single got a little local radio play.   I believe I heard Death Row Records stole the publishing…

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The Eight Dimensions of Wellness 

I can't thank Malcom Rose Jr. enough for teaching me about the 8 Dimensions of Wellness in one of our early one on one conversations.  I'm learning more about them and plan to incorporate my evolving understanding of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness in my personal self love / self care / healing journey.

As always, I'll be bringing what I learn to the tables at House of Fluid Reflections & GRYSKLL so we can share the knowledge with our communities.  

The first resource I've found gave me a great primer on the…

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Year 3 starts this month!  

I just realized this is my third year building Dragon's Pitchfork!  I'm eternally grateful to each and every one of you for taking the time to read this. 

Dragon's Pitchfork year 3 requires me to focus on my foundation more.  I've spent the past couple years swimming in creation and spirit.  Too long actually. I've got to change course for a while now to shore up income and focus my mind better so that we can build House of Fluid Reflections, GRYSKLL and everything else related the way they all deserve to…

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Decided to release The Saw Mill to DSPs 

The Saw Mill was a YouTube exclusive but I didn't do proper marketing on this. I love the song because it's about releasing co-parenting frustrations.  I felt like Zo expressed the raw emotional frustration a number of men have experienced when they couldn't quite figure out how to co-parent effectively with an ex.  The song was cathartic for me because is helped me understand that younger me wasn't alone in his confused, hurt, unhealthy state of mind.


Cover Art by my beloved Yani and the video is BTS…

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Yani put together our first official prices of @apandapearlove /... 

Yani put together our first official prices of @apandapearlove / @pandapearlove content.

With professional quality lo-fi beats from @epidemicsound and footage from a special day last summer, it’s a great way to get excited about spring.

She closed it out with BTS for a #glutenfree #plantbased meal that night, which I’ll never forget. She makes so many!

Check out our new channel:

#creativecouples #creativecouple #artcouple #coupleschannel #couplesaccount#blackcouples…

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STREAM IF THOUGHT My story’s been written. I’m just learning to... 


My story’s been written. I’m just learning to read it…

Wrote quite a bit for my book this morning. (Http://ThisAintHipHop.Life)

Just made a divine connection by reaching out with my thoughts.

Made me think “Thought I had to become Weapon X. I’m better at professor. Yes.”

Found the words yesterday. @instrumentbeing is the emcee I’ve always dreamed of working with. Content. Delivery. Voice. Humor.

He says what I didn’t realize I was thinking in his rhymes.

I’m grateful for you…

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YouTube Lessons (Running Blog) 

  1. You should not have a business channel attached to a personal google (aka gmail) account.  To change this setting, make sure you create a separate Google account then go to https://www.youtube.com/account_advanced from your old account.  
  2. Use TubeBuddy.  In my research so far, it's the most recommended tool for growing a channel!  SIgn up here https://www.tubebuddy.com/dragonspitchfork